The North Face Lunar Voyage Capsule - Launching 17th July

An out of this world selection inspired by the Moon and space exploration, enter orbit with The North Face's Lunar Voyage capsule.

Seeking inspiration from the Earth's solitary natural satellite, The North Face present a space age sense of style with their Lunar Voyage capsule. Inspired by space exploration throughout the ages and a fascination with the wider world, the American outdoor label prepare a selection of their signature garments cast in a black and white combination.

Taking flight, TNF champion a clean-cut and utilitarian aesthetic primed and ready for interstellar travel. Emulating the monochrome colouration of the Earth's Moon, this selection of warming outerwear, underlayers and accessories offers the perfect ensemble to ensure that you'll be warm and dry even if you're on the other side of the galaxy.

Complete with the brand's signature square woven patch, TNF encapsulates a perfect vision of practicality with an inherent street-ready aesthetic. Ideal for navigating the wilds of the untamed natural world or the unpredictable ecosystem that is the contemporary metropolis, the stalwarts of functional apparel continue to present a dedicated vision of clothing designed to make life easier, whether you're heading into orbit or to work.

The North Face Lunar Voyage capsule collection launches online at END. on 17th July.