26 May 2023

Stüssy looks to vibrant patterns and playful graphics for its Summer ’23 collection.

Since its earlier days, Stüssy has served as a reflection of the environment surrounding it, with a vibrancy and laidback sensibility typical of its SoCal origins. Stüssy leans in heavily on this for its Summer ’23 collection, implementing vivid colours and playful graphics to create a selection of garments perfectly matched to the warmer weather.


Tees are covered in bevy of playful graphics in typical Stüssy fashion, ranging from a re-release of the archival S64 tee to a nod to the label’s West Coast roots with the “California Birds” print. Shorts, meanwhile, are detailed with iconic Stüssy logos including the interlocking S and the ever-iconic signature scribble. There’s an emphasis on patterns throughout the collection, too, with signatures like the beach pant and shorts in a subtle striped pattern, as well as a bolder camo patterning.