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SELF ISOLATION .07 | Cora Delaney @ EYC LTD
As we navigate the unique challenges presented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a focus on community - even if at a distance - has never been more important. The SELF ISOLATION mini-series will stand as testament to the strange times ahead, delivering an interwoven tapestry of how the END. community are navigating the uncertainty and maintaining their productivity at home as we work together to flatten the curve.

Founder of EYC LTD - a burgeoning creative agency built for a new era of brand and talent management - Cora Delaney's lockdown has been a labour of love. Managing creatives including Leo Mandella, Billy Menezes, and Kai Isaiah Jamal, Delaney is the behind-the-scenes matriarch responsible for some of London's most promising young talent and innovative campaigns. Using this time to plan the agency's next steps, renovate her new home, and housetrain London's most famous pets (Bashy & Beanz), lockdown has only meant ramping up for Delaney.

Continuing the SELF-ISOLATION mini-series, Cora delivers her set of intimate at-home portraits detailing her responses to the END. self iso survey.

Self Isolation Uniform?
SELF ISOLATION .07 | Cora Delaney @ EYC LTD
"Can’t seem to take off this NHS tee; we love 'em! Also - everyone needs a silk pyjama set to feel boujee at home."
Self Isolation Soundtrack?
SELF ISOLATION .07 | Cora Delaney @ EYC LTD
"Anything my partner plays me on vinyl (his baby). I flip between favourites: Talking Heads and Etta James. Recently got a new dreamy turntable so each day has been soundtracked by something new."
Self Isolation Passion Project?
SELF ISOLATION .07 | Cora Delaney @ EYC LTD
"Making a perfect home. Online furniture shopping is a temptation too hard to avoid. If we are stuck in, why not be stuck in somewhere cosy?"
Self Isolation Motivation Mantra?
SELF ISOLATION .07 | Cora Delaney @ EYC LTD
"In the words of the great Britney Spears: you better work, bitch! But seriously, we have been utilizing this period by focusing on new ways to expand the agency, signing some exciting new talent, and planning some amazing events for when the lockdown is over."
Self Isolation Meal Plan?
SELF ISOLATION .07 | Cora Delaney @ EYC LTD
"I’ve been BIG on breakfasts. Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri’s have made a frequent appearance (other than pancakes, that’s all the NutriBullet gets used for - oops.) This week’s happy hour: Frozen Margaritas."
Self Isolation Reading List?
SELF ISOLATION .07 | Cora Delaney @ EYC LTD
"Cat Marnell's 'How to Murder Your Life' and Raven Smith’s "Trivial Pursuits" - don’t judge. But mainly BBC News COVID live updates, which is doing wonders for my anxiety(!)"
Self Isolation Workout?
SELF ISOLATION .07 | Cora Delaney @ EYC LTD
"Walking with Kai and baby Bashy (Beanz is still too small to come out). We head down the canal for our daily exercise allowance. We've found some new spots that we cannot wait to visit when this passes."
Self Isolation Skin Care?
SELF ISOLATION .07 | Cora Delaney @ EYC LTD
"My new favourite hobby is bathing 30 times a day. It makes for a pretty fantastic office, too. I use Aesop face wash, Aesop moisturiser, and 111Skin overnight gel."
Self Isolation Entertainment?
SELF ISOLATION .07 | Cora Delaney @ EYC LTD
"We’ve become avid fans of scrabble. Though there’s been some questionable answers. And shopping online for everything we need and everything we don't."

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