Sacai Nod to a '98 Cult Classic for SS20

2 January 2020

Inspired by the Coen Brother's seminal 1998 film "The Big Lebowski", Chitose Abe serves up a slice of her signature cut & sow style.

Having spent the past 10 years honing her distinctive aesthetic sensibility within the world of menswear, Chitose Abe's Sacai has carefully built a loyal following for its cut & sew vision. Originally training under Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe at Comme des Garçons, Abe offers a prodigious level of attention to detail, ingenuity and distinction from her contemporaries. With a recent slew of highly sought-after collaborative Nike sneakers, the spotlight is firmly centred on Sacai as we move into 2020.

Drawing inspiration from the Coen Brother's cult classic "The Big Lebowski", Abe finds influence not from the louche slacker style Jeff Bridges' iconic character, "The Dude", epitomised, but from the unwilling hero's instantly memorable quote "the rug really tied the room together". Tying together opposing garments with her signature cut and sew technique, Abe elevates wardrobe essentials with a flourish of mix and match aesthetics. Brimming with her usual military inspirations and a touch of Americana, Sacai offer up mutated denim jackets - transformed with panels plucked from MA-1 bombers - and collaborative waist bags made with the legendary Japanese luggage manufacturers, Porter-Yoshida & Co., as well as hooded sweatshirts detailed with the title of the Coen Brothers' 1998 film.

Delivering a unique vision of menswear, Abe continues to build a universe that is inspired by the conjunction of innovation and classic style. Fusing functional forms into highly stylised and expressive garments, her designs cultivate an atmosphere that is at once playful, luxurious and experimental.

The latest collection from Sacai is available online now at END.