Watch Now: Remembering Acid House Culture with Gary Aspden at the Victoria Baths

6 May 2019

Parties for the people, by the people

Sitting down exclusively with END. to reminisce about the Acid House movement which shaped his youth and inspired his latest collection for adidas SPEZIAL, Gary Aspden offers an intimate first-hand account of the birth of British warehouse rave culture as he remembers it growing up.

Focusing primarily on The Hacienda, an infamous rave-haven which saw droves of Acid House insiders congregate each week, intent on sharing an escapist experience underpinned by a sense of subculture community, high-voltage house music, and a range of new-wave party drugs to liberate them from inhibition, Aspden's latest range for SPEZIAL captures the spirit of Acid House without delivering carbon copies of the era's style.