Pure Imagination: Inside Mike Cherman's LA Streetwear Factory

24 January 2020

Ahead of the PUMA x CTM Future Rider drop, founder and creative director Mike Cherman offered an exclusive glimpse behind the curtain at one of streetwear's most imaginative young brands.

If Mike Cherman is the Willy Wonka of streetwear then Chinatown Market's LA warehouse is the Chocolate Factory.

Heading stateside to spend a day with Mike Cherman and his band of streetwear misfits at their base of operations in downtown Los Angeles, the Chinatown Market warehouse is truly a mecca for creativity.

Focussed on shaping an environment for his team which celebrates new ideas and fresh perspectives, the primary focus of the CTM brand is to champion an authentic approach to design which harks back to the early days of streetwear; abound with the endless possibilities that come with a screen-printer, a laptop, and a heavy dose of pure imagination.

Welcoming END. and PUMA for an access-all-areas look at the inner workings of the brand at the beginning of a new decade, you can check out the full tour in the video above.

PUMA x Chinatown Market Future Rider

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