Introducing: Mister Green

4 January 2022

Mister Green is a progressive lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, California, drawing heavily from the city’s laidback sensibility to inspire designs.

Mister Green
Mister Green Karma Logo Crew Sweat - mg-krmcrsw-lr
Mister Green was founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, California, embodying the laidback and free-spirited sensibility that reverberates throughout the city. When founding Mister Green, Ariel Stark-Benz wanted to spotlight stoner culture and its integral ties to LA, though in a way that altered the perception of brashness that’s so often associated with it.
Mister Green
Mister Green
Mister Green taps into that culture in way that’s refined and progressive, eschewing the in-your-face aesthetic often found in head shops or portrayed in popular culture for something far more elevated and considered. From the label’s brick and mortar store in LA to the garments it produces, everything follows Ariel Stark-Benz’s vision for the label — one that harmonises a love for premium design with an authentic appreciation for subculture.
Mister Green Man On Fire Tee - mg-moft-lr
Mister Green
The label is best described as a progressive lifestyle brand, something that’s epitomised by the eclectic approach to products it takes; accessories, incense and even fragrances represent just a selection of items the label offers — all of which are tied up in promoting a calmer way of life and an appreciation for Mother Nature. Mister Green’s latest collection, titled “humanism”, perfectly captures the diverse and laidback sensibility of Ariel Stark-Benz. Tees and accessories are covered in playful, earth-minded graphics — ranging from abstract prints to collegiate-inspired font — while trousers are cut from corduroy and styled to resemble old-school utility garb.
Mister Green
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