9 September 2019

Representing the tumultuous contemporary political climate, Samuel Ross' label exhibits a honed vision of their primary design codes.

An embodiment of contemporary political anxieties, A-COLD-WALL*'s latest collection and runway presentation, "BIRTH.ORGAN.SYNTH.", sees Samuel Ross deftly negotiate confrontational subject matter with the skill of an old-hand. Showcasing a highly refined vision of the brand's style codes, the 27-year old offers a representation of modern day fears and anxieties through his avant-garde meets streetwear approach. Since establishing the label in 2015, Ross' unique vision services a distinctive need for confrontational design that tackles important cultural issues head on, with a bold and unfaltering aesthetic rooted in an architectural perspective and material study.

Detailed with scaled down reflective logos, Ross turns his attentions towards a unique approach to pattern cutting. Updating his jersey selection with a series of overlocked styles, A-COLD-WALL* elevate simple tees and sweats with a flourish outwith the norm. Delivering a striking impression of the brand's signature brutalist look, industrial references and monochrome colour palette, "BIRTH.ORGAN.SYNTH." offers an essential impression of ultra-modern British menswear.

Complete with track-pants, oversized scarfs and jacquard knit sweatshirts, Ross' collection features motifs that nod to past seasons while delivering a fresh take on the brand's developed and nuanced core themes. Introduced for the first time this season, A-COLD-WALL* offer stainless steel jewellery engraved with their instantly recognisable bracket logo. Complex and expertly executed, the London-based label envisages an exceptional twist on industrial style.

A-COLD-WALL*'s "BIRTH.ORGAN.SYNTH." collection is available online now at END.