Brain Dead Womens

Newcomers and seasoned fans of the streetwear scene alike should always have Brain Dead disruptive designs on their mind - so where better to look than Brain Dead womenswear at END.? Born from an email thread that began when Kyle Ng was gifted a Rat Brain tee designed by Australian native himself Ed Davis, the daring duo first launched Brain Dead in 2014 - and the New Zealand brand has continued to go from strength to strength with its womenswear line.

Respective backgrounds in tech-sportswear and the legendary Melbourne Doomsday Store has formed the foundations for Brain Dead’s success, and that extends way beyond clothes. Dial into NTS Radio, and you’ll hear a plethora of the label’s tunes with custom mixes including synth pop, techno, grunge… and everything in-between!

Filling its head with post-punk aesthetics, underground comics and “the spirit of subculture as a whole”, Brain Dead womenswear has become legendary for its graphic-led approach that embraces an eclectic energy away from viral trends with statement tees, sunnies and sneakers. We’re big fans of the brand’s ability to continuously reinvent its signature logo with tongue-in-cheek prints - and playful updates on staple t-shirts, shorts, backpacks and shirts.

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