Avant-garde and fearlessly destructive designs? Look no further than Berlin-based brand Ottolinger. It may not need any introduction - as the cult-label’s signature aesthetic has graced the runways of New York, London and Paris and is favourite for the Instagram A-list - but we’ll give you one anyway, of course. Swiss founders Cosima Gradient and Christa Bösch met at Basel School of Design, they related to one another, liked the same things and had the same approach to life. They wanted to convey the times they are living in and capture a feeling of freedom, and from this, the future of fashion was born aka their brand Ottolinger. Their base always focuses on pattern and shape, treating fine materials roughly. Basically, they “destroy” pieces in the best way. The label's ‘punk meets couture’ approach has garnered a cult following for its asymmetric silhouettes, raw aesthetic and uniquely hands-on process of abstraction and deconstruction. The Ottolinger clothing line ranges from pieces with deconstructed silhouettes (incase we didn’t mention) and often feature slashed or manipulated elements - intricate strap fastenings, or skin-baring cut-outs - all which are fit for the streets or those parties after dark. Not just a brand that dares to be different and is rooted in creativity, but a sustainable brand too. It uses materials that are recycled or organic, up-cycling old fabrics whilst also ensuring production remains local and everyone is paid equally. Shop the range of bags, tops, dresses and more at END. and embrace your sensual (and sustainable) side, too.

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