Amiri Womens

With a fashion formula of Ivy League aesthetics mixed with rootsy rock ‘n’ roll, L.A. born Mike Amiri launched his eponymous ready-to-wear women’s label via Instagram in 2013. Inspired by the rock and grunge subcultures of his youth, most notably those that developed in the Sunset Strip of the 1990s, the brand has quickly become a hit with the women of Hollywood elite. As a result womenswear lines were introduced in 2017. The brand’s unique bone motif is at the centre of each womenswear collection, whether it’s hand cut and sewn on the Bone Runner sneaker or adorned as skeletal details on the arms of a bomber jacket. With signature distressed skin-tight denim and paint-splattered leathers, AMIRI’s rise to cult status comes as no surprise to us. Making up the rest of each collection are well worn tees and hoodies stamped with the label's now-famous logo and you’re good to go. Statement by design; the label’s accessories are no exception, whether that’s leather wallets or luxury scarves. Somewhere in the middle of rowdy and refined the label adheres to the highest standard of luxury, with top-tier materials sourced from around the globe. Without forgetting its roots the label is centred around local manufacturing, with its ready-to-wear collections designed and manufactured in downtown L.A. Marrying refined craftsmanship with skate and street culture, Mike AMIRI still bears the mark of the LA basement where it all began, embodying the spirit of youthful rebellion.

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