Satisfying our pop culture nostalgia since 1996, Medicom toys are ready to brighten up your home - so shop the latest Medicom Be@rbricks, right here at END. 

Tatsuhiko Akashi’s Medicom is the blend of childhood obsessions and our adult fixation for collectibles that you never knew you needed. Despite debuting with the “Kubrick” - Medicom’s answer to Lego minifigures - the Tokyo brand found its devout following thanks to the Be@rbrick, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The commemorative nature of Medicom’s Be@rbricks means they’re never going out of style. Whether you’re a film fanatic, art enthusiast or music lover, there’s a Be@rbrick for you. From Charlie Brown and Tom and Jerry, to The Rolling Stones and Andy Warhol, Medicom definitely has an impressive clientele to choose from. 

Oh, and that’s not forgetting Medicom’s numerous fashion collaborations. Of course, we’ve collaborated with Medicom on our iconic “Carrara” collection, but there’s plenty more too. 

Including Emotionally Unavailable and NEIGHBORHOOD’s duo design, BAPE - and yes, even a Be@rbrick kitted out in a Nike Tech sweatsuit - Medicom never compromises the fashion factor.

Favoured by both collectors and interior enthusiasts alike, Medicom and its myriad of Be@rbricks is the perfect way to infuse eclectic energy into your life… so what’re you waiting for?

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