Reebok Womens

Combining functionality and design, Reebok, a leader in the sportswear scene since 1895, explores its rich heritage steeped in performance to inspire its future. Look out for its iconic credentials stamped across END.’s range of sporty Reebok women's styles that stand the test of time. Driven by a setback to copyright the name "Mercury," brand founders Joe and Jeff Foster looked to the Grey Rhebok, a species of African antelope representing grace, style, and speed, to inspire the now-iconic brand name. Carrying on the family tradition of making athletic footwear and remaining true to the brand’s DNA as a fitness-first brand, the brothers turned their attention to creating Reebok women's trainers in 1982, jumping on a hot new aerobic dance trend that dominated that decade. Cue the leg warmers! From that point on, cementing its status as one of the most iconic sportswear manufacturers, Reebok designed the women's Freestyle sneaker, which to this date remains one of the label’s best-selling shoes. Inspired by the extensive nature of human movement, the Revenge Plus, Insta Pump, and Club Classic 85 are firm favourites here at END., championed for their retro sensibilities and iconic court-inspired style. But, if the sneakers aren't enough to get you in the gym spirit, then explore Reebok’s range of sweats, shorts, and tees - there’s a ‘fit for all workouts, wherever and whenever that might be. Over the years, Reebok has taken multiple measures to reduce its carbon footprint, committing to using recycled and sustainable materials that were game changers amongst the styles found on the basketball and tennis courts, in dance studios, and in the gym. “Iconic since day one.”

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