Anine Bing

Inspired by the laid back style of Los Angeles, Anine Bing creates womenswear wardrobe essentials that bring a timeless yet rebellious approach to your look. With a fanbase that includes the likes of Taylor Swift, this is a brand you can’t shake off. 

The brainchild of Nicolai Bing, along with blogger and former model Anine Bing, in 2012, the brand was founded. The founders aimed to bring American energy to Scandinavian minimalism, motivating you to feel confident and empowered. Originally an Insta hit in 2010, the brand has maintained its cult following through the celebrity lens, from the silk camis worn by Kendall Jenner to the studded boots worn by Gigi Hadid, it’s easy to see this womenswear brand is where the next big trend will come from. 

END.’s Anine Bing womenswear collection is full of neutral necessities that add a sense of Scandinavian minimalism to your look. Although the brand remains neutral in colours, the fits are from oversized to skinny, asymmetrical to traditional, the brand does it all. The styles are finished with several stylistic details such as branded text embroidery and logo prints. From the Collegiate hoodies and jumpers, to summery t-shirts and sunglasses to jackets that work in any season, we bring you a full look, whether you mix and match, or stand out from the crowd. 

As END. jumps into the collection, it’s time to redefine your look as the brand blazes the trail in fashion. A wardrobe with a look for every occasion, our collection of pieces are essentials to the core.

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