Palm Angels Womens

Combining sun-soaked streetwear with an athleisure aesthetic Palm Angels has been fusing its Californian base with sartorial Milanese roots since 2015. Conceived after releasing a photography book of the same title in 2014, founder Francessco Ragazzi celebrates Los Angeles’ young skateboarders. Reinterpreting through his own vision, Ragazzi takes the streetwear basics and elevates it to the next level.
Linking Milan and LA, Palms Angels women’s is all about authenticity and interpreting American culture through an Italian mindset. Music, photography, fashion and art are big influences in the way Ragazzi brings his ideas to life. Palm Angels proves it's not just about the clothing - it's the world around it which holds unrivalled inspo.
Taking artistic licensing with an imaginative twist from provocative slogans, photography prints, and gold-tone accents, Ragazzi takes time in creating all the garments. Keeping its graphics unique, Palm Angels women retains its LA skater roots embedded with an American street rebellious edge. Designed to not play by the rules, expect broken palm trees, spray paint, paint splats to name just a few.
Curated by those who, when growing up, would have been found at the skate park instead of playing at home with toys, the brand’s dark humoured, ‘Kill the Bear’ mascot features heavily throughout each collection. Designer Ragazzi uses collaborations and distinctive designs to offer fresh and innovative streetwear, so when it comes to women’s Palm Angels expect cropped silhouettes, oversized jerseys and low top trainers. The brand's recognisable logo decorates many of its garments with gothic-style typography that's sure to catch the eye.

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