Human Made Womens

Paving the way for the future of streetwear, Nigo is the visionary designer behind A Bathing Ape (BAPE) and Billionaire Boys Club. Not content with just the two revolutionary, trendsetting streetwear brands, Nigo founded Human Made in 2010 in order to show the world another part of himself, precisely one utterly detached from BAPE's signature aesthetics.

Created with the slogan ‘Gears For Futuristic Teenagers,’ Human Made womens was introduced as a nod to Nigo’s desire to perpetually embrace all things youth. With an eye cast on vintage Americana, the label bridges the gap between Japanese fashion and classic American workwear by delivering impeccable craftsmanship and playful design inspired by global pop culture. With graphic designer Sk8thing, the label has now ventured into creating whimsical pieces of both quality and authenticity to reflect the pre-1960’s.

With each collection a personal journey, Nigo digs deep into his fashion archives and creates styles that resonate with him. Drawing its inspiration from classic 60’s American workwear, women’s Human Made brand essence is steeped in nostalgia, expect athletic silhouettes with a contemporary makeover. Combining the best of vintage and street culture, expect heritage driven aesthetics made with high-quality fabrics. Apparel such as tees, hoodies and varsity jackets are complemented with a range of homeware including cushions and rugs. All of these feature the brand’s signature heart logo, dry alls print and the duck, eagle and tiger motifs.

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