Top Fives: Phaidon Curated by Emilia Terragni

22 January 2021

Selecting her top five titles from Phaidon's extensive catalogue, Emilia Terragni takes us on a trip through the legendary publishing house's storied inventory.

Top Fives: Phaidon Curated by Emilia Terragni
Working with the world's most influential artists, designers, fashion brands, architects and photographers, Phaidon Press publish important tomes that represent the pinnacle in modern design, quality and taste.

Headquartered in London and New York, the prolific publishing house has positioned itself as the premier global voice in visual arts, with over 1,500 titles in print. Founded in 1923, Phaidon's rich heritage as a publisher has seen the company offer important editions of literature, philosophy, art and history throughout the 20th Century. Moving into the modern-day, the company continues to present important offerings that celebrate the rich variety in the world of art and design.

Sitting down with Emilia Terragni, the Publisher of Phaidon’s architecture, design and food lists, END. presents Phaidon's Top Five curation. Joining Phaidon in 2001 as a Project Editor, after having worked at Vitra on the Luis Barragan exhibition, Emilia started the successful cookery list in 2005, before continuing to develop the architecture and design lists.

Presenting her top five titles, Emilia illuminates the breadth of Phaidon's scope - a true celebration of print in its many shades; essential cultural coffee table cache for any contemporary living space.

"A 5 year project in which Nike and Phaidon worked closely to define the meaning of design in a company like Nike where performance and aesthetic are at the core of what they do. With many visits to the campus in Portland where the magic happens, we had the privilege to go behind the scenes of one of the most successful and powerful company in the world, and produce a unique documentation of their design process."
"One of our most exciting collaborations between brands – where we took huge pride in the opportunity to look at the design of such an incredible company to produce a stunning – sell out – product for fans of Supreme. The book was conceived to beautifully reflect the aesthetic and the energy of Supreme’s creations."
"A beautiful creation that thoroughly documents brutalism around the world, in a stunning, classic Phaidon format that is both a serious survey but also a gorgeous addition to architecture lovers' collections. Besides the famous buildings that have made this - once unloved movement - one of the most popular architecture styles in the world, we have scouted the world to find fine examples of architectures that adhere to the principle of Brutalism."
"A classic book that symbolises Phaidon’s history as one of the best art publishers in the world – with a 16 year, award-winning history. A legacy publication that is constantly recommended and referred to by art lovers around the world. The A-Z format provides unusual and interesting pairings that confirms art has no boundaries in terms of time and place."
"One of our most exciting recent food books – celebrating an incredible culinary, and highly unique, talent. Our job is to find the most creative and innovative talents working today. It is not enough just to be a good professional, and as a chef just provide good meals, what we look for is someone who push the boundaries, brings something new, has something different to say, and at the same time produce delicious food, and Lee is all of this."