Y-3 FYW S-97 - Launching 18th July

Continuing his scupltural take on athletic footwear, legendary designer Yohji Yamamoto shares the latest Y-3 sneaker.

Y-3 FYW S-97 - EF2627

An updated version of the classic adidas FYW sneaker, the FYW S-97 from Y-3 forges an exemplary vision of athletic sneaker style and the esoteric avant-garde. Paying homage to the chunky silhouette with this sleek and tactical modernisation, Yohji Yamamoto makes good on his promise to cultivate a unique, luxurious sportswear identity.

Constructed with adidas' signature primeknit fabric, Yamamoto's signature details the toebox with a delicate embroidery while a pop of red to the ankle cuff adds a twist of colour to the monochrome proceedings. The perfect way to elevate a sportswear ensemble or to add a casual twist to a formal sartorial look, Y-3 ensures that versatility is the name of the game.

Complete with adidas' signature boost cushioning to the midsole, the Y-3 FYW S-97 secures technical perfection within a framework of sportswear aesthetics.

The Y-3 FYW S-97 launches at END. on 18th July.

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Y-3 FYW S-97