WORLD EARTH DAY 2022: 7 Brands For the Eco-Minded

22 April 2022

In celebration of World Earth Day, END. spotlights a selection of brands celebrated for their eco-minded approach to craft.

Demonstrating support for environmental conservation, Earth Day was first held in 1970 on April 22nd. Now an annual celebration of the natural world we call home, Earth Day offers a yearly reminder to protect the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and restore damaged environments in a bid to live a more sustainable and less impactful life.

Celebrating Earth Day 2022, END. take a look at seven brands that place environmental concerns front and centre to positively impact planet Earth. From Story mfg’s organic fabrics and natural dyes to Klean Kanteen’s emphasis on reducing single use plastic, these brands are all contributing to making the world a safer, greener place.


Brighton-based Story mfg. is centred around a slower, more considered approach to clothing, with a strong emphasis on natural dyeing treatments and an artisanal approach to craft. The label, which was founded by Katy and Saeed Al-Rubeyi in 2013, showcases that eco-minded consciousness and aesthetics are something that can work together harmoniously, creating intricate, heavily-detailed products using organic materials and natural dyes. A fundamental pillar of STORY mfg. is transparency and fair craft, with the label working closely with a team of local artisans at their Indian atelier.


PANGAIA represents a materials science company aimed at bringing breakthrough textile innovations into the world, with future-focused technologies and waste-averse product development at its very core. Jersey staples, for instance, are crafted using responsibly sourced blends of recycled and organic cotton, as well as dyed using a recycled water system. Footwear, meanwhile, is constructed using grape leather: a material constructed from the stalks, skins and seeds sourced from leftover waste from the wine industry.


Since being founded in 2005, VEJA has been one of the frontrunners in revolutionising craft in the sneaker world — and, indeed, the wider fashion sphere — placing a strong emphasis on social projects, eco-minded materials and refined styling. The label creates its sneakers in high-standard factories in Brazil, utilising a slew of naturally-sourced materials — Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton for the canvas and laces, Amazonian rubber for the soles — as well as recycled materials formed from bottles and polyester.


Patagonia is heavily rooted in the natural world, but not just through its love of exploration — the label also sits at the forefront of eco-minded craftmanship, placing a heavy emphasis on the use of recycled materials and eco-friendly construction techniques. It goes far beyond that with Patagonia, too, with an array of initiatives centred around their aim of promoting environmental activism; the label’s self-imposed Earth tax, for instance, provides 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. In fact, for near enough four decades Patagonia has been steadfast in its support of grassroot activists who work to find solutions to preventing harm to the environment.


Founded in 2012 by volunteer beach warden and coastal enthusiast, Dom Bridges, Haeckels combines natural skin care and cosmetics with a dedication to community problem solving. Using waste natural resources in their products and creating innovative packaging solutions with recycled or fully compostable materials, Haeckels is driven by their dedication to conservation and their ocean first philosophy.


Creating contemporary homeware and lifestyle products with a recognisable geometric aesthetic, Xenia Taler creates their items from industrial manufacturers’ discarded bamboo. Gathering excess scraps from chopstick manufacturing, the bamboo is ground into a powder, mixed with corn starch and a food grade melamine binder before being moulded into tableware. Completely free from PVC, BPA and all phthalates, Xenia Taler combine modern style with an eco-conscious approach.


Specialising in BPA free stainless-steel bottles, certified B-Corp Klean Kanteen was born from a love of adventure, conservation, and the desire to replace single-use plastic. Offering a wide range of bottles designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor life and the stresses of city living, Klean Kanteen’s durable and innovative design changed the game in the early ‘00s, resulting in the stainless-steel water bottle revolution we see today, with a dedication to a stringent set of social and environmental standards.