Watch Now: Air Max Day 2018 - Behind the AM 1/97 SW Design

Follow the journey from concept to creation

Last year, Nike invited 12 creatives to design the future of Nike Air. These “Revolutionairs” came up with incredible footwear designs, and the public voted on which shoe would be released for Air Max Day 2018.

Fast forward to today - Air Max Day 2018 - and Sean Wotherspoon's AM 1/97 is an industry icon in its own right. A limited edition sneaker which has garnered legions of international fans; sparked lively debate amidst the global community; and inspired a slew of sneaker collectors to camp out for the chance to cop (the contemporary barometer for sneaker success), the Nike Air Max 1/97 SW has claimed its rightful place in the sneaker hall of fame.

Check out the video above to go deep behind the scenes of this "revolutionairy" shoe and learn more about the man behind the design: Sean Wotherspoon.

writerEuan Smart