visvim Head Way Out West For SS19

Taking cues from the open plains, Hiroki Nakamura's label infuse Americana with artisanal craftsmanship

Embodying a singleminded methodology, visvim are proudly puritanical in their pursuit of quality. Established in 2000 by Hiroki Nakamura, the Harajuku-based label offer an unrivalled level of artisanal production; a symptom of their infatuation with clothing with a timeless, casual nature, made with traditional techniques and the finest fabrics. Fusing aspects of Americana, streetwear, Native American clothing and traditional Japanese apparel, visvim’s melting pot of influences brews an aesthetic highly attuned to capturing a nonchalant yet considered look.

Inspired by the vintage clothes Nakamura found in his formative years scouring the many thrift stores of Tokyo’s Harajuku district, visvim’s approach instils a fresh interpretation of vintage workwear style. Subtly altered, the label’s garments are designed with a consciousness informed by the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi” – the acceptance of imperfection and transiency. A world view that is reflected in the brand’s hand-finished approach, visvim offer a reminder that the unpredictable and the imperfect in life should be celebrated.

For SS19, visvim posit a fresh take on their classic stylistic sensibility. Building on their impression of Americana and militaria, Nakamura showcases a modern day cowboy incarnate – perfectly suited for life on the range or for navigating the urban sprawl. Pairing aged denim with workwear inspired shirting, the stalwarts of Japanese street-style place emphasis on the unique quality each individual garment holds. Distressed, aged, painted and finished by hand, visvim are dedicated to delivering clothing with an exceptional combination of personality and depth.

Imbued with a Californian twist of low-key slacker style, in part due to Nakamura’s relocation to Los Angeles, the collection offers respite from the fast paced world of contemporary fashion. Steadfast and firmly entrenched within their own unique style, visvim continue to do what they do best, providing peerless clothing with an inherent human touch.

The visvim SS19 collection is available online now at END.