Valentino x Undercover Travel Through Time For AW19

Bridging the gap between sartorial menswear and streetwear, the two labels combine ideals to deliver a cutting-edge collection.

Presenting their time travel themed collaborative capsule, Valentino and Undercover prove that opposites do attract. Helmed by Pierpaolo Piccioli and Jun Takahashi, both labels deliver their unique vision in perfect harmony - a melting pot of the Italian label's sleek silhouette and the Japanese brand's identifiable imagery. Founded on a mutual appreciation and understanding, the two designers encapsulate a luxurious take on streetwear, brimming with Takahashi's signature penchant for bold graphics and Piccioli's exceptional use of fabric.

An ecstatic representation of the confluence of the two designer's respective fields, the Valentino x Undercover collaboration delivers a sensibility with a clear traceable lineage to both brands. Covered with dual branding, a space age look binds Valentino and Undercover together with this selection of casual garments. Lighthearted and playful, this street-ready offering consists of printed t-shirts, shirts and accessories featuring a plethora of UFOs, skulls and Edgar Allan Poe prints, while an embellished denim jacket delivers a boost of tradition through the lens of modernity. The ideal blend of streetwear and high-end apparel, Valentino's couture heritage and Undercover's street credentials ensure that this collaborative effort results in an exceptional burst of the esoteric and the unusual.

Inspired in part by conspiracy theories that surmise that Edgar Allan Poe was in fact a time traveller due to numerous predictions of the future in his written work, the Valentino and Undercover collection witnesses a synthesis of couture and the subcultural relevance championed by the Japanese brand.

A conclusive representation of luxury streetwear, the Valentino and Undercover collaboration revels in the disappearing border between high and low fashion. A celebration of streetwear as much as it is a celebration of couture, this capsule showcases the beauty of progression, with two titans of menswear illuminating their mutual appreciation for craft and cultural reference.

The Valentino x Undercover AW19 collection is available online now at END.