The Lasting Appeal of the Converse Pro Leather with Jordan Vickors

Styling and modelling this exclusive editorial, multi-hyphenate and creative force, Jordan Vickors, celebrates the staying power of the Converse Pro Leather sneaker.

Jordan Vickors for END. and Converse Pro Leather
In the age of the multi-hyphenate, nothing is out of bounds - no longer are creatives segmented or pigeonholed into single areas of expertise or modes of working.

Now, creatives are able to deftly negotiate the world of fashion, music and art without being required to define themselves in the limiting ways of the past. The world is the multi-hyphenate's oyster, and this broad dynamic offers ample opportunity to negotiate the contemporary fashion landscape with ease. A creative structure championed by the likes of Virgil Abloh and Kanye West, the ability to shirk definition and open yourself up to a vast multitude of opportunities increasingly appeals to those within the creative sector. After all, why limit yourself to one role within this varied cultural environment?

Enter Jordan Vickors. At the age of 25, the creative consultant, DJ, model, stylist and casting agent has built an impressive and broad resume of alternate skills and varied experience. Having deftly manoeuvred through the fashion industry to cultivate his own unique perspective, the multi-hyphenate has worked extensively for Stüssy, while his DJ duo, New Found Form, has provided the soundtrack to some of London's most exclusive parties. Collaborating with Converse for the launch of their latest Pro Leather sneakers in snakeskin sequins and pony hair, Jordan Vickors styles and models this exclusive editorial at London's premier contemporary luxury hotel, The Standard. A classic sneaker silhouette from the Converse archive, the Pro Leather sneaker was originally released in 1976. A mainstay on the hardwood courts before becoming a cult favourite amongst skateboarders, the Pro Leather has a longstanding legacy within the world of street fashion. To this day, the Pro Leather remains a statement of effortless cool and a nod to the heritage of OG basketball sneaker style - a true symbol of youth culture.

Reflecting the sneaker's status, Converse and Jordan Vickors team up to present a bespoke editorial highlighting the sneaker in this trio of fresh iterations. Styled with 1017 ALYX 9SM, Off-White, Gucci, Needles and more, it is clear that the Converse Pro Leather sneaker is here to stay.

Jordan Vickors for END. and Converse Pro Leather
Jordan Vickors for END. and Converse Pro Leather
You’ve developed your status within the fashion industry at a remarkably young age, did you always have the ambition to pursue a career in fashion?

I never thought I would be able to find a place where I fit in or that I’d be accepted, let alone a space for me to put all of my ideas out. I only had one real ambition and that was to make things. Didn’t matter what, as long as it had a tangible end result. I wanted to be a carpenter at one point just because I like working with different materials and through different mediums, I just like to design things.

Epitomising the idea of the contemporary multi-hyphenate creative, your work as a creative consultant, DJ, model, stylist and casting agent is an impressive resume. What do you think it is about the contemporary fashion world that has nurtured this form of all-encompassing creativity, where creatives no longer need to be pigeonholed?

I think because there is a need for it and a place for creatives to be able to do multiple things - Virgil definitely made that space more comfortable for me.

Jordan Vickors for END. and Converse Pro Leather
Jordan Vickors for END. and Converse Pro Leather
Jordan Vickors for END. and Converse Pro Leather
Working in these different modes of creativity, which excites you the most?

They all benefit each other creatively. The music enhances the things I work on in fashion and vice versa. However, there is no feeling like running your favourite record in front a hundreds of people! 

With London offering a vibrancy in the creative arts like no other, how has the city influenced your outlook on fashion?

It’s made me work harder for sure, no one in London wants to pay you, everyone is super talented and knowledgeable so you have to put in the hours. 

Jordan Vickors for END. and Converse Pro Leather
Jordan Vickors for END. and Converse Pro Leather
What advice would you give to someone who is looking to enter the fashion industry but doesn’t necessarily know where to start?

Go intern for somewhere you admire. And if they shut you down, keep applying. Save your money, buy as many books and magazines as possible, travel & make friends

The Converse Pro Leather is a classic sneaker style with a deep heritage in American sporting history. What is it about this iteration of the Converse Pro Leather that appeals to you?

I don’t like a fussy shoe, and this model is as simple as it gets. 

Why do think that Converse has had such an enduring appeal?

It’s timeless, and it’s the people’s shoe.

Jordan Vickors for END. and Converse Pro Leather
Jordan Vickors for END. and Converse Pro Leather