Puma and Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen of Han Kjøbenhavn Explore Dystopia With The Alteration PN-1

Puma x Han Kjobenahvn unleash a brand new sneaker silhouette with the Alteration PN-1, inspired by the lost streets of Copenhagen - available now on END. Launches

For his fourth project with Puma's Co. Creative initiative, Han Kjøbenhavn’s founder and creative director, Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen applies his singular vision and story-driven approach to design to a brand new sneaker silhouette designed in collaboration with Puma.

First unveiled at Han Kjobehavn's SS19 show in Paris earlier this year, the Alteration PN-1 quickly stole the affections of the sneaker-loyal base sitting front row, and now arrives for limited release in two OG colourways; accompanied with a characteristically Han lookbook that has plenty to say and breaks every edge of the mould set by the sneaker sphere.

The very embodiment of Davidsen’s dystopic vision, the Alteration PN-1 steps onto the tangled urban streets for SS19. Informed by Davidsen's upbringing on the oft-forgotten streets of outer Copenhagen, the sneaker arrives in tonal grey and vibrant yellow iterations. Far from the stereotypical Scandi tropes we see on screen, Davidsen has distilled the true nature and emotion of these Copenhagen suburbs into a sneaker that comments as much on the contemporary sneaker zeitgeist as it does on the life and times of Jannik himself.

Intertwining nylon, leather and suede up top, the design signs off with a stacked sole underfoot that is sure to elevate the foot to new heights.

The Alteration PN-1 is now available for registration on END. Launches.

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writerDavid Dover