In Conversation With Liam Gallagher

Following his exclusive performance in collaboration with adidas Spezial at the Round Chapel, END. caught up with Liam Gallagher to discuss adidas, his latest album and his upcoming limited edition sneaker

adidas Spezial & Liam Gallagher Interview

Following Liam Gallagher's exclusive and intimate gig at the Round Chapel in Hackney, END. had a chat with the legendary Britpop frontman about his sophomore solo album, "Why Me? Why Not.", adidas and his upcoming sneaker collaboration with the iconic German sportswear brand.

A collaborative event with adidas Spezial and END., the 500 capacity venue offered the perfect venue for an evening of the singer's classic brand of bolshie, rock'n'roll attitude.

adidas Spezial & Liam Gallagher Interview
adidas Spezial & Liam Gallagher Interview

END.: What's the inspiration behind your latest record?

Liam Gallagher: "Why Me? Why Not" is inspired by love, life and relationships.

END.: How is the album different from "As You Were"?

Liam Gallagher: The songs are bigger; it's a bigger production and as far as I'm concerned, the songs are even better.

END.: What's your first memory of adidas?

Liam Gallagher: My first pair of adidas was a pair of adidas Kick which I wore religiously. They were black with white stripes.

END.: How did you first become involved with adidas Spezial?

Liam Gallagher: I've known Gary Aspden for a long, long time. He's very generous and always sorts me out a few bits so it felt right that I should repay the favour by designing a shoe for them.

adidas Spezial & Liam Gallagher Interview

END.: Tell us about your favourite adidas shoes?

Liam Gallagher: My favourite adidas shoe is the adidas Barrington Smash.

END.: What inspired you to first use the MCFC Spezial banner on stage?

Liam Gallagher: Gary sent us over some beach towels and I thought to myself, that would look great on an amp so I asked if he'd make us up a flag.

END.: Why did you choose to partner with adidas Spezial on the first preview of the new album?

Liam Gallagher: adidas Spezial seemed to be the perfect partner for the gig as I wear the clobber and it's cool like me.

adidas Spezial is available online now at END.