retaW Fragrance Body ShampooBlind*


Proving that Hiroshi Fujiwara is a man of many talents, retaW (Water, backwards) is his forward thinking fragrance brand, creating unique products designed to enhance modern life. Based in the upmarket Aoyama district of Tokyo, retaW have developed a series of expertly created fragrances, many named after the record or musician that tailored the hand picked selection of scents they are blended from.

Designed to moisturise and protect the skin through daily use, created from a blend of lemon peel oil, grape seed oil, fennel oil, grapefruit peel oil and rosemary leaf extract. The fragrance hand soap is infused with retaW's Blind* scent, a spicy blend of lemon and ginger.

  • Made with a Blend of Natural Oils
  • Moisturises and Protects Skin
  • Lemon and Ginger Scent