Story mfg. Womens

Story mfg. womenswear believes that “clothing is skincare” - so make it part of your routine and get a fresh dose of the London label at END. From maximalist, retro-infused patterns to intricate, whimsical embroidery - it’s clear to see why Story mfg. women’s shirts are such a firm fan favourite! We’d suggest grabbing one of the brand’s futuristic graphic tees to layer up with - or match the oversized silhouette with a pair of Lush pants. Or, if you’re intrigued by the gorpcore aesthetic but without all the tech, Story mfg. for women is the place to be! The laidback Forager pants and jackets take cues from military cargo designs - adding a whimsical touch to the trend. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re all made using crafting techniques carried over from vintage workwear, each piece is made to last too - so no more endless replacements season after season. We’d call that a win-win! “Born out of a desire for a more authentic, fulfilling and kind approach to fashion”, we’re big fans of Story mfg.’s sustainability goals; aiming to be ‘positive impact’ rather than ‘zero impact’ across its output - in an effort to help reverse centuries of damage caused by the industry. And by only using fabrics and dyes that are non-toxic and skin-kind, to harnessing natural elements previously used throughout history, Story mfg. puts eco-friendly comfort at the heart of everything it designs. So what’re you waiting for? Join the journey, and welcome Story mfg. womenswear into your wardrobe today!

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