27 May 2022

Swedish label Casall blurs the lines between fashion-forward design and sportswear, with premium and eco-minded craft sitting at the forefront.

Introducing: Casall
Casall Gym Ball

At the intersection of fashion, function and eco-minded craft sits Swedish label Casall. It all started in the early 1980s, when Casall founder, Carl-Axel Surtevall, opened one of the first fitness centres for women in the world, named Athena. What Carl-Axel Surtevall quickly realised was that there was something missing in the world of sportswear: a gap where fashion-forward cuts, aesthetics and textile innovation merged together.

Casall Crew Neck Sweat
Casall Upgrade Regular Waist Short Tights
Casall Iconic Wool Sports Bra
Casall Upgrade Regular Waist Pocket Tights

The idea of training harmony underpins everything the label does: connecting the heart, body and soul through a holistic approach to training. What results is something lifestyle driven, with the label producing eco-minded clothing and equipment aimed at elevating everyday life. Apparel encapsulates this idea of harmony, with the label’s elevated approach to aesthetics and materials creating pieces perfect for wear while exercising or moving around the city.

Casall Classic Racerback Top
Casall Eco Fitness Bottle 0.7L
Casall Classic Racerback Top
Introducing: Casall

Since 1984, Casall has been creating apparel that reflects the brand’s Scandinavian origins; clothes are rigorously produced with a razor-sharp focus on quality, performance and, importantly, eco-mindedness. Responsible design is a fundamental cornerstone of Casall, with the label’s Conscious Choice products standing as testimony to that; products that’re Conscious Choice means they are produced using recycled, biodegradable or renewable raw materials and always with as little environmental impact as possible.

Casall Classic Racerback Top
Casall Classic Racerback Top