Our Insta-feeds have been flooded with those gorgeous amber bottles for as long as we can remember - so whether its Aesop deodorant or bodywash, let’s add a little luxury to your line-up with Aesop at END. Throwback to the beginning though, and things looked a lot different - as former hairdresser Dennis Paphitis began to set up Aesop’s headquarters in Melbourne during 1987. One thing that hasn’t changed since then though, is the commitment to crafting products with sensory pleasure in mind - making even the smallest of actions, like washing your hands, feel luxurious. From deodorant and balms, to handcare and haircare - there truly is a way to welcome Aesop into every aspect of your home - but you may also recognise Aesop for its stores. From the New York store (covered in 400,000 strips of the New York Times) to Le Marais (Where 427 polished steel dishes cradle the products), no two are the same! In doing so, the intention is to weave the brand “into the fabric of the street and add something of merit rather than impose a discordant presence” - a mission akin to the feeling of welcoming Aesop into our routines… Seamless, and easy! Using widely sourced plant-based and lab-made ingredients, it’s not one to follow the latest skincare fad either. Only producing products in response to genuine needs expressed by clients, Aesop’s innovative recipes will become staples in your day-to-day. So, whether you’re after the legendary hand duets - or prefer to explore the brand’s range with one of the Ingenious or Industrious miniature kits - you’re sure to fulfil your Aesop wish list here at END.

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