17 May 2022

Take cues from our latest womenswear editorial and layer up with “Layer It On”.

Tapping into the collective desire to layer up whether you’re exploring the natural world of navigating the modern metropolis, END. delve into the wonderful world of layering with pieces from GANNI, Story mfg., Andersson Bell and many more. Offering the ability to adapt your ensemble for sudden temperature changes, layering as an approach to styling ensures you’ll always be free and easy to adapt your outfits to suit whatever situation you're in.

Utilising heavy duty outerwear garments from luxury specialists Moncler Genius to Raf Simons’ unconventional twists on design classics, layering shines a light on unusual and exciting ways to wear some of your favourite pieces. Whether you’re preparing for a casual day out or putting together an outfit for a more formal event, layering is your new best friend for adding a touch of effortless cool to your style.

Essential for transforming a silhouette and radically changing your outlook on modern dressing, layering is the perfect way to mix up your aesthetic and introduce new and fun stylistic twists on your daily wardrobe. Whether you’re inspired by Story mfg.’s natural approach to design or the brand of contemporary cool embodied by Italian brand Marni, add a few layers to your outfit today for a boost of vivacity.