A-COLD-WALL* And Dr. Marten’s 1461: A Celebration Of British Subculture

5 November 2021

Dr. Martens and Samuel Ross’ A-COLD-WALL* extend their ongoing partnership, celebrating British subculture with a rugged take on the 1461.

Dr. Martens x A-COLD-WALL* - 1461ACWGHILLIE
Dr. Martens’ 1461 shoe is a British icon, having been deep rooted in a long list of subcultures for many decades now. That association is something that’s right at the core of A-COLD-WALL* — since day one, the label has been centred around spotlighting facets of British subcultures, utilising everything from sportswear to workwear in the process.
Dr. Martens x A-COLD-WALL* - 1461ACWGHILLIE
Hidden Ghillie Laces
In celebration of that, Dr. Martens and A-COLD-WALL* extend their partnership this season, bringing that cult-favourite shoe to the stage. The duo taps into Ross’ longstanding love of Brutalist architecture, which is reflected in the industrial approach taken to its construction.
Dr. Martens x A-COLD-WALL* - 1461ACWGHILLIE
Translucent Soles
The uppers are cut from smooth black leather and feature hidden ghillie lacing — giving a more angular, brutalist-like appearance — then detailed with silver-tone rivets to further the rugged aesthetic. The soles are reworked, too — they’re made using translucent grey rubber, nodding to the muted, industrial-inspired colours favoured by Samuel Ross' label.
Dr. Martens x A-COLD-WALL* - 1461ACWGHILLIE

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