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If the fashion world’s sustained obsession with Scandi-chic styling could be pinpointed to one brand it’d undoubtedly be womenswear favourite Acne Studios. Co-founded in 1996 by Johnny Johansson, the label - then functioning as creative collective Ambition to Create Novel expressions, aka ACNE – took off when it distributed 100 of its original raw denim, straight-leg jeans to friends and family, while the rest of the world was still rocking bootcuts. 

Built on this denim foundation, the women’s firm fave brand is now synonymous with a practical, yet chic, Scandinavian aesthetic that consists of an eclectic mix of no-nonsense staples, statement outerwear and ahead of the curve styling that Johansson has described as ‘maximalist minimalism’.

Acne Studios women’s clothing takes this a step further. Of course, you’ll still notice signature pieces like its coveted chunky scarves and playful knitwear and Supper Baggy Fit jeans, but structured tailoring and sculptural bags - like the Musubi micro or the Juylie blazer - abound, too. Meanwhile, the brand’s elevated essentials are united with that signature straight-faced smiley.

Taking inspiration from the Swedish idea of ‘lagom’, meaning ‘not too little, not too much’ – this quirky motif perfectly exemplifies the label’s effortlessly cool and elegantly functional style codes. And, while the label tends to stray away from obvious womenswear trends, one that it couldn’t escape in recent years is the most important trend of all: sustainability.  Through the use of deadstock fabrics and low-impact materials like organic cotton, its Project Earth label demonstrates its dedication to more earth-friendly practices. Shop the women’s Acne Studios selection at END. to become a real Scandi girl.

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