Vans Mens Sale

Vans is an icon in skate culture and this men’s Vans UK sale shows why. The brand is a symbol of cool for so many skate enthusiasts. Famous for its shoes, Vans is a go-to in casual footwear. Collections showcase its famous checkerboard prints in Old Skools and Classic Slip Ons. The original Old Skools is where the Vans Sidestripe first appeared, now found across Vans designs.

Vans started in 1966 as The Van Doren Rubber Company - founded by the Van Doren brothers Paul and Jim, alongside Serge Delia and Gordon Lee. Its shoes amassed a cult following across California’s skate scene in the early ‘70s. The Vans #44 Deck Shoes, now called Authentics, represents the brand’s original style. The shoe is heavy with nostalgia and was well loved throughout the noughties – particularly in the indie scene. To this day, skateboarders hail Vans for its durable materials and strong grip soles. The brand has even worked on developing its shoes specifically for skaters, reinforcing materials for longer-lasting wear and protecting ankles with high-top designs.

Vans is the uniform for skaters. As well as its footwear, the brand’s casual grunge aesthetic is also found in its clothing range. Logo and raglan tees sit next to baggy trousers and pullover hoodies, while tie dye and cartoon graphics reflect the Vans spirit.

As skateboarder slang, ‘Off The Wall’ sums up the Vans attitude perfectly. Pioneers in the skate community, Vans has helped express the sport’s style with creative, rebellious flairs every step of the way. For fans of indie looks that leave room for movement, this men’s Vans sale is for you.

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