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Barbour is the style of the English countryside and this men’s Barbour sale shows why. The label is famous for hardy outerwear that protects you from harsh British weather. Wax jackets with corduroy collars are ideal for rainy days, while quilted jackets keep you warm in colder temperatures. Find these layers in classic Barbour colours like sage, olive, black and navy.

Barbour has a rich history spanning over 120 years. John Barbour founded the company in South Shields during 1894. Some of its highlights include the launch of Barbour’s motorcycling range in 1936, which many British International teams would come to wear. Another is the company’s first Royal Warrant from the Duke of Edinburgh in 1974. A second and third came from the Queen and the Prince of Wales soon after.

Today, the 5th Barbour generation runs the company. The brand celebrates its iconic 1936 biker jacket with a series of modern reworks. Across versions, you’ll spot the signature waist belt and angle map pockets from the original design. Besides its biker edge, Barbour’s classic rural character is clear in its wax cotton and diamond quilt outerwear - quite literally fit for royalty.

Barbour’s signature tartan print has also become a staple across its clothing and accessories ranges. From soft lambswool scarves to jacket linings, this print acts as a second logo for the brand.

Barbour has become a symbol for embracing the great outdoors, but that’s not all. Quality sweats, tees, overshirts and trousers are also recognisable products of the brand. Whether you’re wrapping up for brisk country walks or want long-lasting casual wear, there’s plenty to explore in this men’s Barbour sale.

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