Tom Wood

Based on a modern interpretation of historical signet rings, Mana Jensen created Tom Wood in 2013. Originally a small jewellery collection, the brand quickly became an instant success.

With Scandinavian minimalism at its core, the Norwegian based label is rooted in the aesthetics of simplicity and innovation and functionalism. Finding inspiration in nature, sculptural objects, architecture and through history, Tom Wood jewellery is thoroughly designed by Jensen who is now the company’s Creative Director. Committed to reducing the label’s environmental impact as much as it possibly can, each collection of jewellery is crafted to last a long time.

After originally focusing on the iconic signet ring silhouette, a carefully curated selection of men’s jewellery soon followed; with earrings, bracelets, chains and pendants providing the perfect outfit accompaniment. Tom Wood Men’s jewellery is designed with longevity in mind, from design through prototyping, development and final production. 

Even after ten years, signet rings are still at the core of each highly anticipated collection. With said drops, expert materials ranging from 925 sterling silver to solid gold are used. Accented with gemstones such as black and white diamonds, these timeless pieces are designed to upgrade and accent your looks.

Defined as predominantly unisex, each Tom Wood Jewellery can be worn effortlessly by all genders alike.

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