MonocleJuly/August 2013


Since launching in 2007 Monocle has grown and grown and is now seen as one of the most respected voices in contemporary culture. Indeed they have launched their own Bloomberg TV series, and a 24-hour radio station, to continue on from their written and printed success, as well as having their own hugely successful line of shops and ever-growing list of top-end collaborations.

July/Augusts bumper issue ranks the Cities of the world in a global list of the top places to live, work and have a good time, alongside the usual selection of insightful editorials and in-depth reports.

  • Affairs Report - Mayoral Aces: Five Urban Leaders with a Plan
  • Business Report - Patches and Hoes: The Evolution of the City Farm
  • Culture Report - Good News: Media Models worth Monitoring
  • Design Briefing - Showing the Way: Venice's New Navigators