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A uniform for everyday life, Maharshi’s men’s streetwear is a reflection of its founder Hardy Blechman's deep appreciation and attachment to nature, camouflage and utilitarian design, showcased throughout his men’s collections available here at END. But first, let's rewind. 

Growing up in the bustling city, Hardy’s love of fashion was first ignited through his love of antiques and vintage finds, where his dad was an avid collector and antique shop owner. Adapting functionality from a pacifist perspective, while keeping his love of all-things-old in mind, his philosophy of “pacifist military design“ is a true combination of functionality and aesthetics. By blending Eastern and Western silhouettes with his custom graphics and patterns, Hardy creates urban, elevated men’s streetwear like no other, think t-shirts, hoodies, and vacation shirts, but most importantly, the iconic so-called “Snopants”, all championing the brand’s central core values of military pacifism and sustainable design. A long established signature, the Snopants® are based on early U.S. Army trousers, worn over military combat uniforms - a prime example of Maharishi’s military-inspired style. Each season they are modified with custom artworks and fabrications, along with patented Snocord and Snobutton systems, earning themselves a true cult status. 

Custom artwork features throughout each new season collection, debuting everything from dragons, tigers, landscapes to Japanese lucky rabbit's, all hand-machine embroidered across coveted menswear pieces, celebrating Japanese artist’s such as Utagawa Yoshitsuya and Utagawa Hiroshige. You might also spy MILTYPE branding, “Maharishi's interpretation of the graphic language and typography employed by militaries to assign codes and specifications to clothing and equipment.”, cementing Hardy’s distinctive design aesthetic. 

Shop the latest Maharishi men’s clothing at END. today, and explore the dualistic nature of the world through the eye of Hardy Blechman.

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