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Built on the foundations of contemporary life, Paris-meets-Tokyo label Maison Kitsuné was founded back in 2002 by Paris-based ex-Daft Punk manager Gildas Loaëc and architect Masaya Kuroki. Quickly gaining a loyal fan base worldwide, they launched their first menswear line in 2005. You may be thinking, "How did they get to this point?" Well, it all began when Kuroki would visit his local record store, developing a friendship with Loaëc and combining their shared love of music and fashion design. Be one step ahead and immerse yourself in the world of menswear at Maison Kitsuné here at END.

A strong symbol of versatility, the Maison Kitsuné name has a deep-rooted meaning: "Maison" is the French word for "house," and "Kitsuné" is the Japanese word for "fox," and from the very beginning, the mythical animal has been Maison Kitsuné’s signature logo. Mirroring the urban myth that the fox is able to adapt its appearance, the label looks for inspiration from far and wide to reimagine its coveted fox-head emblem; however, the blue-white-red colorway remains the fox’s most famous uniform to this day, capturing the brand’s authentic Parisian flair. 

Ensuring everything is built to last, the menswear collections are produced in Portugal by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, promising impeccable detail and quality finishes on everything from the mens t-shirts, sweats, and socks to the coveted fox-head tote bags, all available within the Maison Kitsune menswear collection at END.

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