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You may be familiar with the tagline, "GEARS FOR FUTURISTIC TEENAGERS" - yes, that’s right, it's none other than NIGO’s streetwear and lifestyle label Human Made. Explore apparel and lifestyle goods that represent the best of mid-century Americana here at Human Made for men at END. 

Before we get into it, let us tell you about the legend himself, Tomoaki Nagao, NIGO. After working as an editor and stylist at Popeye Magazine, he immersed himself in the hip-hop world, quickly inspiring the drive to create something that honoured his love of old-school popular culture. In 2010, the Human Made menswear brand was born, targeting an audience that differed from his cult-status streetwear brand - A Bathing Ape (BAPE). Bridging the gap between Japanese fashion and classic American workwear, offering up everything from utilitarian workwear to varsity-inspired casual jackets, graphic tees, and accessories, Human Made menswear collections evoke a rich, '50s and '60s heritage-driven aesthetic. 

At the heart of everything in the Human Made mens fashion lineup is the signature love-heart logo, a nod to NIGO’s love of vintage Americana. Quirky ducks, polar bears, bunnies, and tigers are just some of the other designs often seen defining the brand’s whimsical men’s collections. Continuing to embrace all things youth, NIGO’s revolutionary designs expand to a range of homeware goods too, which spotlight the signature motifs, bringing a sense of the label’s playful, free-spirited energy into your wardrobe, and your home. So, what are you waiting for? Shop the latest Human Made streetwear for men at END. today.

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