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Pushing technology forward, adidas share the Ultra 4D runner.

adidas Ultra 4D - FV6960
adidas Ultra 4D - FV6960
adidas Ultra 4D - FV6960
adidas Ultra 4D - FV6960

Sharing a new 4D runner, adidas combine heatmap tech with their instantly recognisable mint-green midsole with the Ultra 4D. Plucked straight from the future, adidas' Ultra 4D combines a modern running aesthetic with adidas' latest, cutting-edge technology.

Sitting sandwiched between lightweight, heat map-inspired icy white and silver uppers that further reiterate the futuristic aesthetic and a vibrant pink outsole, adidas' signature 4D midsole results in a look that’ll be just as at home on the running track as it will in the city.

The adidas Ultra 4D is available for registration online now via END. Launches.

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adidas Ultra 4D

White/Silver/Signature Pink