20 December 2022

With the latest END. womenswear editorial, “Abstract Forms”, we looked to the world of sculpture and architecture for inspiration.


Apollo Pavilion, located in Peterlee, County Durham, stands as one of the most iconic remaining pieces of Brutalist architecture in the country. It’s a sculpture reminiscent of a bygone era, one where hulking concrete monoliths loomed over city skylines and dominated post-war British architecture. Its designer, Victor Pasmore, who pioneered abstract art in mid-century Britain, wanted to create “an architecture and sculpture of purely abstract form through which to walk, in which to linger and on which to play”.

END. visited the revered location on a snowy winter’s day, channelling this notion of playfulness with our latest womenswear editorial. With offerings from Our Legacy, Junya Watanabe and Wales Bonner, the Abstract Forms editorial showcases an approach to textures and shapes that reflects the experimentalism of Pasmore and his cutting-edge Apollo Pavilion.