OrSlow Mens

Slowing things down, quite literally, Japanese brand orSlow opts for a slower pace instead of keeping up with the speed of ever-changing trends, dedicating itself to creating authentic designs with a classic Americana aesthetic. The brainchild of Japanese designer Ichiro Nakatsu, orSlow is a reflection of Ichiro’s love of vintage Americana, think classic 1950s ivy-league, combined with vintage military and workwear design codes. It’s a fail-safe combination of quality craftsmanship and considered design, so you’ll have to pick up the pace if you want a piece of orSlow men’s clothing at END. 

Growing up as a child, Ichiro fell in love with a pair of denim dungarees bought for him, and it was the feeling, the fade and the style of the denim that ignited his love of vintage clothing. Now with a wealth of industry experience after starting orSlow back in 2005, creating vintage military and workwear-inspired products is integral to Orslow’s casual wear, and its success. 

Each design is built to last, ranging from shirts, jackets, and of course, the denim jeans. Continuing to use specialist machinery and locally sourced materials, orSlow’s clothing for men is enriched with history, subtle details and authenticity, adapting to different styles, eras and people.

Explore orSlow Japanese fashion today at END., escape from modern society, take things slow and appreciate the craft. 

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