Maison Balzac Tapered CandlesAmber


Maison Balzac’s Chandelle candles come in a convenient pack of four and are tapered at the top. Coloured in amber, they’re hand-poured in Java from plant-based stearin wax with a cotton wick that can burn up to 16 hours.

  • Plant Based Stearin Wax
  • Cotton Wick
  • 14-16 Hour Burn Time

The wax used by Maison Balzac is quite soft and may show minor marks on its surface that can occur during transportation. A soft white film may also appear on the outside, this is known as blooming and can be removed with a soft cloth.

Please note that candles may melt in transit to warmer countries overseas. We are not liable for any damages caused. Please contact our customer service team at +44 (0)333 323 7728 or email for full details.