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Founded by Leeds local Vik Taylor in 2010, MKI Miyuki-Zoku, or MKI for short, may have roots in the North East of England but it has expanded further afield, now residing at the forefront of streetwear not just in the UK - but across the pond too.

When it comes to brand aesthetics, the clue is in the name. Got time for a quick history lesson? We’ll make it snappy. The Miyuki Zoku were a fashion-savvy youth tribe back in ‘64 Ginza Japan and the OG’s when it comes to adopting Ivy League style into their get-ups and introducing American collegiate style to the East. Taylor applies the same collegiate codes to his own design language. Throughout MKI’s cutting-edge collections you’ll find preppy polos, hoodies and minimalist t-shirts.  

Scroll through Miyuki-Zoku menswear and it’s clear to see that the brand is all about the product rather than the frills. No-nonsense or loud logos, just pure passion for garments and discrete embroidered typography branding. The minimalist nature of MKI’s DNA allows fabric and fit to come to the forefront and work in harmony with subdued palettes. Muted tones permeate everything from holy grail streetwear essentials, fleeces and sweatshirts, to warming layers like puffer jackets and vests. 

Experimentation runs throughout Miyuki-Zoku clothing and is leads the way for forward-thinking fabric juxtapositions, mixing fluffy sherpa fleece and structured tailored suiting fabrics with hero silhouettes (bombers and overshirts) which are often subdued and simplistic but forever unexpected. Head straight to our selection of Miyuki-Zoku for men at END. to see what we’re talking about, they speak for themselves.  

Oh, and it’s pronounced MEE-YOU-KEE ZO-KU…in case you were wondering. 

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