JW Anderson Womens

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of JW Anderson women’s clothing - or here because you’re as obsessed with that viral pigeon clutch as much as we are - there’s something for everyone at END.  

First, let’s head back to where it all started… Since Northern Irish designer Jonathan William Anderson first launched his womenswear collection in 2010, the brand has quickly garnered a cult following for its eclectic, culture-inspired aesthetic and focus outside of fashion’s traditional gender norms. Anderson has also garnered critical acclaim - winning both menswear and womenswear “Designer of the Year” at the 2015 British Fashion Awards. Impressive or what?  

Across the JW Anderson range at END., you’ll find an androgynous aesthetic that’s as playful as it is versatile. Asymmetrical dress lines echo the more avant-garde runway shows, while retro JW Anderson hoodies and knits are characterised with vibrant fruit and veg motifs - a five-a-day we’ll never be caught complaining about!  

You’re guaranteed to step forward in style with JW Anderson women’s shoes too. From sports-influenced sneakers to chain-link mules that are practically jewellery for your feet, the brands’ creativity knows no bounds. Fans of that ever sought-after pigeon clutch will love JW Anderson's Bags showcasing Andersons’ iconic anchor emblem. This signature logo is a reminder of the brand’s commitment to working outside traditional boundaries - disrupting the smooth sailing of gender norms. JW Anderson is here to make fashion fun again, and honestly? We hope this ship keeps cruising for a long time to come.

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