Obey Womens

From an absurdist sticker entitled “Andre the Giant has a Posse” made by Shepard Fairey in 1989 made - to a cult clothing line launched with the help of Mike Ternosky in 2001 - OBEY womenswear is one of the best streetwear labels in the ‘biz. So we’d recommend obeying to the brand, and grabbing the latest launches from END.! Simultaneously a global street art campaign, body of fine art, and cult clothing collection in one, OBEY for women is a must-know name for any sharp dresser. Rooted in the DIY culture of punk rock and skateboarding spheres, Fairey and Ternosky’s work is stepped in self-empowerment and biting sarcasm, encouraging us to “take heed of the propagandists out to bend the world to their agendas” with its imperative logo. The name itself, OBEY, originates from John Carpenter’s 1988 seminal film They Live - a homage to Fairey’s love of pop culture and commercial marketing. With women’s clothing by OBEY, “the medium is the message”, so there’s always plenty to look out for. From collaborations with the likes of the Keith Haring Foundation to Levis, the brand spreads its message through a variety of different designs. Whether it’s belts and bags, or shorts and shirts, there’s plenty of workwear, military-infused basics to fill your wardrobe - and take you from the city streets to monday’s meetings in style - at END. 

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