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As we step, sway and stride through fashion’s ever changing world - you’ll always find Clarks Originals casual shoes on our feet. From Clarks women’s trainers to the wallabee, there’s a very good reason… Step back to 1825, and things were only just beginning, as Cyrus and James Clark crafted their very first pair of slippers from sheepskin cut-offs. C&J. Clarks was no fashion fad - making a conserved effort to understand “what it takes to keep feet happy and healthy” and even developing the world’s first foot-shaped shoe in 1883. With an archive of more than 22,000 designs, we’d say that to call them determined is certainly an understatement!

The 1960s proved that it was worth putting all the steps in - as Clarks Originals Wallabee boot began to shine as a mainstay of the fast-paced, fashion defining decade. Developed in Ireland, the shoe found firmer footing afield in New York’s hip-hop scene - particularly among the “era’s revolutionaries, free thinkers and counterculture icons”. An uncluttered design made from everything from suede to sashiko, you’ll find that there’s plenty of women’s Clarks pick from.

Unnecessarily Handsome? We don’t think so - in fact, Clarks women Desert boot is one of the brand’s best! Despite the OG tagline, the DNA of Nathan Clark’s design is the perfect balance of fashion and functionality, and has been since launching in the ‘80s. Consistently redefined, redesigned and reborn, the shoe has even become associated with a myriad of noteworthy subcultures - proving that its style will never dry out. From Ivy League campuses to MF Doom, the Clarks womenswear legacy is absolutely undeniable - so get your hands on the latest pairs at END.! 

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