Casablanca Womens

Fresh from the streets of Morocco and Paris, Casablanca womenswear has been winning over our wardrobe since 2018 - and at END., we don’t plan on calling game, set, match any time soon! 

Swing it back to the starting line though, and founder Charaf Tajer’s luxurious reimagining of the apres-sport aesthetic was only just beginning. Inspired by his dual French-Moroccan heritage, Casablanca women's quickly garnered global acclaim for its ability to blur the lines between streetwear and tailoring. Tracksuits are a label legend, but we’re big fans of its signature silk shirts too. With beautiful prints hand-painted by Casasblanca’s in-house water colourist, they explore both Tajer’s architectural background and the beauty of the natural world around us.

END.’s Casablanca womenswear range perfectly balances luxe and leisurewear - from sports caps to sweats and shirts, every piece exudes an elegance akin to a crisp glass of champagne. But if you’re new to the label, we’d recommend testing out its debut sneaker: the Atlantis. With the same sophisticated flair as the mainline, the tennis-inspired pair promise to elevate any look with a dynamically exaggerated midsole and colourful details charged with ample retro energy. 

Despite having only been on the scene for five years, Casablanca womenswear has never failed to make an impact. “We’ll always have Paris”, as Humphrey Bogart said - but we’re much happier to sport Tajer’s Casablanca whenever we can. So go on, grab Casablanca’s latest bandeaus and bags, or socks and sweatpants at END.!

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