Dr Martens Mens

From Northamptonshire to Munich, Dr. Martens legacy and influence is undeniable - so if you haven’t already broken in your own pair of Docs, then walk this way to grab a pair from END. 

Originally worn by the likes of postmen and factory workers, Dr. Martens was the £2 favoured boot amongst Britain’s working classes. So much so that The Who’s Pete Townshend wore them in celebration of his roots - and inadvertently brought the shoe to a whole new audience. Ska-loving skinheads, grunge fans and early emo lovers then adopted Dr. Martens as their own, and the boot’s connotation with festival culture began to grow.

When it comes to Dr. Martens boots, it’s hard to go wrong with the 1460. This eight-eye OG is just as iconic today as it was back in the ‘60s, lasting the test of time and trends. Prefer something a little more low-key? Check out Dr. Martens’ Church Monkey Boot, with its smooth leather uppers and slightly more understated outsole adding just a hint of ‘70s edge.

If loafers are more of your look, the Adrian Snaffle style is definitely worth a peek. Dr. Martens revisits this subcultural icon with fresh palettes and patterns so you’ll find the perfect pair. Meanwhile, the mules trend shows no signs of slowing down - so if you’re jumping on-board, then Dr. Martens Jorge Buckle and Isham Buckle mules are definitely worth investing in. 

That’s not to mention the ever growing list of Dr. Martens collaborations. From GANNI and Rick Owens, to Heaven by Marc Jacobs and Alpha Industries, there’s plenty to pick from. Oh and before we forget, remember to take a look at our Dr. Martens shoe care to keep that fresh day one feeling way past the first wear. You’ll thank us later!

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