END. x OFF-WHITE "Till The END."

26 July 2021

Two years on since END. and OFF-WHITE first linked up to deliver the “CHEMICAL WASH” capsule, the British retailer and Virgil Abloh’s zeitgeist defining luxury streetwear brand take to the dancefloor with their sophomore collection – “Till the END.”.  

Looking to the hedonistic world of ‘90s dance music, END. and OFF-WHITE dive into the era of rave culture for inspiration. Throughout the decade, genres such as acid house, breakbeat, happy hardcore and gabber typified the sound of the raving subculture, enlivening events both large and small with high-octane rhythms and uncompromising aesthetics. Becoming a key part of the party scene in Northern England, abandoned former industrial areas became ideal venues for illegal raves to thrive, giving new life to spaces left unoccupied following the closure of the vast majority of the sites in the 1980s.
Fuelled by Virgil Abloh’s love for music of all forms, “Till The END.” taps into the iconic designer’s visual world, coupling his instantly recognisable graphic style with the distinctive aesthetics of underground 90’s rave events posters, paying homage to the hey-day of rave and infamous events such as Fantazia and Thunderdome.
Comprised of a selection of OFF-WHITE’s most iconic items, such as their Caravaggio and San Girolamo printed hoodies, crew sweatshirts and t-shirts, the collection seamlessly blends modern luxury codes with nods to the history of rave. Featuring bold graffiti-style “Till the END.” branding, the Italian label’s classic diagonals logo and the new “Bandit” character, END. and OFF-WHITE cultivate a unique visual identity across the collection, ensuring that you’ll be the last dancer standing at the end of the night.
Key pieces such as the “Till the END.” varsity jacket, Bandit slim pants and the two-piece tracksuit deliver the perfect embodiment of rave style – nodding to the codes of the era – while OFF-WHITE’s trademark graphic immediacy enables the perfect splicing together of modern luxury and iconic visuals from another time. Rounded off with pink and silver earrings and a diagonals ring, a rave-inspired take on the classic industrial belt completes the collection with a flourish.